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School uniform

At Scarborough Public School, we are very proud to wear our distinctive red and green uniforms to school every day. It is expected that all students are in full school uniform throughout the school day as well as wearing a hat while playing outside. 

We have a range of different school uniform options for all students, including a sports uniform which can be worn on Fridays and to sports events.

Uniform shop

Uniform Officer: Amy Simmons
Mobile: 0405 255 594

Uniforms are available to order online. If you would like to arrange a time to try on uniforms, please call.

Online Uniform orders

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new online uniform ordering system called Spriggy Schools from term 1, 2023. The online order system has been created to allow staff and parents to order and pay for uniforms online. 

Spriggy Schools will make uniform orders more convenient for both families and the uniform shop.

Steps to get started:

  1. Go to to register and download the app.
  2. Add a profile for each of your children, making sure you select SCARBOROUGH PUBLIC SCHOOL and your child’s class.
  3. Start placing uniform orders! 

Payment is card online only. Cash is no longer accepted.

Uniform items

  • School backpack One size, Bottle green ($35)
  • Hat Bucket XS, S, M, L ($15)
  • Headband Tartan ($6)           
  • Scrunchie Tartan ($4.50)
  • Red Logo Polo Shirt Long Sleeve ($24)
  • Red Logo Polo Shirt Short Sleeve ($20)
  • Boys Grey Trouser Cargo ($24)
  • Boys Grey Shorts Cargo ($20)
  • Girls Culottes Tartan Size 4-12 ($28)
  • Girls Culottes Tartan Size 14-16 ($31)
  • Girls Pinafore Tartan Sizes 4-7 ($36)
  • Girls Pinafore Tartan Sizes 8 ($39)
  • Girls Pinafore Tartan Sizes 10 and up ($42)
  • Sports Shirt Size 4-16 ($30)
  • Sport Shorts Size 4-16 ($16)
  • Polar Fleece Jacket Full Zip Front ($25)
  • Polar Fleece Vest Full Zip Front ($19) - to be discontinued
  • Green Fleecy V-Neck Sweat Shirt ($20) to be discontinued
  • Green Embroidered Logo Hoodie Size 4-16 ($32) 
  • Green Embroidered Logo Hoodie Adult sizes ($36)