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Living Ripples is a three-year student wellbeing program funded by philanthropy and backed by research. We have committed to this partnership from 2023 - 2025.

Living Ripples partners with schools to improve the resilience and self-confidence of students.

The Living Ripples 3 stage process of; Discovery, Research and School Resources ensure that we receive guidance over the longer term, to celebrate the achievements and to identify and acknowledge new challenges. 

The ongoing nature of the Living Ripples School Program also facilitates ongoing research and analysis that enables the program to monitor student resilience and self-confidence over time and adjust the program to suit the changing needs of the school. Live student data equips our school to understand the ongoing wellbeing story in our school community.

As part of the program launch, Living Ripples provides every classroom with access to the Living Ripples Platform that will deliver Living Ripples Sets. This pre-selected content and questions will help build resilience and self-confidence and monitor wellbeing.

For more information, visit the Living Ripples website or contact the school.

Access the Resilience Resource Library

Living Ripples provides parents, carers and staff with an on-demand library of resources.

Access these resources here